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May. 15 - 2019 May Business Workshop/Williamsburg
May. 21 - 2019 May Discovery Day/Greenwood Village
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Jul. 17 - 2019 July Business Workshop/Greenwood Village

The Premier Companies was named the 5th fastest growing franchise in the United States by Franchise Times magazine.

Welcome to The Premier Companies
Congratulations to William and LeeAnn Cuthbertson on their first store opening in Clarksville, TN
William Cuthbertson worked for two of the larger RTO companies, first in Palatka, Florida where as store manager he turned a profit and earned the highest gain in 1996 and 1997. Then he moved on to Nashville, TN for a second round.

Taking a break for a new opportunity, he and wife LeaAnn ran their own trucking company. But RTO was never far from his future plans. In a roundabout way, he came back in the industry and now plans to open his own RTO store in Clarksville, TN in less than a month.

"It has been my goal for five years. I just got back from Iraq where I went to build up the money as a Convoy Commander," says William. "I was prompted by the challenge. It was a way to break into RTO [as a business owner].

Ever the partner, LeaAnn went to Iraq too. After all it had become a family affair with their two sons there as well.

Working as a civilian in a combat zone makes RTO look pretty tame. "As convoy commander for the Department of Defense, it was my job to take the military freight from bases in Kuwait and Iraq," says William. "We were attached to the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army. I went initially for RTO, but I'm very patriotic. The goal of earning money got me to Iraq; the purpose of our country kept me there for two years."

Premier has been an important answer for him as he breaks back into the industry. "Having been away from the industry for a few years, Premier will be helpful," he says. "They are a family organization with a family atmosphere. Other [Premier] dealers have just been great with their advice. They have opened their arms, helped me, let me in. From Trooper on down, there isn't one person I've met that I didn't like. Everything has been great from start to finish." He includes human resources, working with the SBA, creating a business plan and securing a lease.

Out of the trenches of the war, LeaAnn will join William in accounts receivables. "And my baby brother James will be store manager," says William, who enjoys being Stateside and fulfilling a dream of owning his own RTO business.

"I also want to say to all military and civilian personnel in IRAQ, thank you for the job you have done and are doing over there. May God bless each on of you and your family, may you come home soon."
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