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Shuler, Peters Bring Choices and Customer Care to Kearney
April 3, 2009
First Premier Location in Nebraska
Until recently, Kearney, Ne. offered only one place to shop for rental-purchase customers. But industry veterans Mike Shuler and Heath Peters brought new life and some welcome changes in their town upon opening their Premier Rental-Purchase store late last year. The first and hardest part - getting their doors open - is over, and as they head into their second quarter, Shuler says "they are on fire!"

"We committed to offering a wider variety of merchandise selections and alternative payment plans in the area," says Shuler. "And the people of Kearney have responded favorably. We have opened a beautiful new showroom that features the best in all major household furnishings, including furniture, bedding, electronics, appliances and computers - all major brands at guaranteed lowest prices."

Peters explains that Premier's flexible payment plans and well-stocked showroom with greater variety of new products enable more customers to find and afford merchandise that is right for them. "We match the great prices we see retail stores featuring these days, plus we offer additional benefits like our 'Never Lose a Cent Guarantee' and honor competitor's coupons. We also provide the opportunity to build or rebuild local credit."

Shuler on the Move
Shuler and Peters have served the Central Nebraska rental market for a combined 22 years. Shuler began his RTO career in 1990 in Phoenix with The Rental Store, advancing over a decade through management positions that took him to Las Vegas and later to El Paso and Southern California as a troubleshooter.

When his daughter was born, his desire to be closer to his family in Indiana prompted him to move to National Rentals in Northern Indiana, a future Rentway acquisition. He continued his upward ascent, becoming district and later regional manager for Rentway, moving in 1998 to Kearney when Rentway asked him to help manage their acquisition of Nebraska-based Cari Rentals. "From that time forward I knew I would be a 'Cornhusker' for life,"
he says. He also felt he had found a permanent home with Rentway as he advanced again, this time as divisional vice president.

With Shuler's territory continually one of the most profitable in the company, he repeatedly achieved Top performer. His philosophy was clear cut: "The way to huge profits is by growing your business, controlling your receivables, and managing your expenses. I was able to do this while working at Rentway."

Rentway announced in 2006 that they would be acquired by Rent-A-Center, and Shuler grew concerned about losing the passion and connection that Rentway offered. "I was determined to give it a chance. I made a personal commitment to give myself two years with Rent-A-Center before I would make any life-altering decisions."

True to his word, he continued for the next two years to be part of the growing central Nebraska market with top honors. Then he made the decision to launch out on his own because, he says, "I realized it's not the company that puts the money in the bank, it's the people. I have had the opportunity to develop great relationships and value my employees over the years. I felt very strongly that I would have a greater impact on the lives of those around me if I had more flexibility to manage my team differently than I could in a large company. I am incredibly excited about
the freedom I have as a Premier Rental-Purchase dealer. My objective is to have the same impact on central Nebraska as I have had. I will continue to drive the growth and profitability within the area, one store at a time."

Enter Peters
When Shuler moved to Cari Rental Stores, he met his future partner Peters who began working with him in 1998. Peters was new to the industry but already on a management track that started with Cari in Freemont, Ne. He had been taught early on that rental-purchase is a customer service business, centered on relationships.

"I used that in my day-to-day process and activities," he said. "But I wasn't as successful at first until Mike came on board as my regional manager. Mike made me an award-winning store manager year after year. We did well together."

Peters, who ultimately became a regional manager, stood out for his dedication and commitment to getting the job done. "I told Mike from the start that I stay at work until I feel comfortable going home. I am extremely dedicated." Peters' success stemmed from that dedication as well as an ability to determine the right product mix for his customers. His store always carried something extra or different that Peters knew would rent in his line-up. He even
introduced some items into the national Rentway market, frontload washers and dryers being an example. "That was before they became popular. I special-ordered four sets and rented them for $50 per week. The rest of Rentway followed suit."

Peters says it's all about being creative and thinking through what customers might want - going beyond what everyone else is doing.

Time to Move On
When Peters learned about Rentway's acquisition by RAC, he grew concerned about his future. He felt the next logical step was to open his own store. But he needed help.

"I knew a lot about the business, but I didn't know how to start a business. I was scared to start out on my own. Mike was thinking the same thing and approached me to see if I was interested. I had read about Premier Rental-Purchase in RTO Magazine and they seemed like a place to start for the support we needed. I also read success stories about Premier franchisees and watched every podcast I could get my hands on from the RTO website.
Shuler contacted Premier President/CEO Trooper Earle to inquire about franchise opportunities in Nebraska.

"I made the decision after speaking with Trooper that this was my calling - to be an entrepreneur. Trooper explained all of the benefits provided by Premier such as the human resource services, legal counsel, accounting support, and the lending assistance that is available. I spoke to numerous Premier dealers who had walked down the road with Trooper, and I was convinced. The common statement throughout was 'you will love being on your own. It's indescribable compared to working for a big corporation.' So we signed on."

For Peters, the opportunity as a business owner to expand his concept of creativity in merchandising and customer service has been a rewarding part of his early success as an entrepreneur. So has his ability to come out from under his concern for the future. "It's hard to imagine it any other way but this! There are so many benefits to me personally and to my customers."

Shuler agrees. "Here I had been doing rental-purchase for 20 years, and I finally broke off on my own. I have a great partner to go forward with, and it clearly has been the right decision. I enjoy getting up every day and being able to have a positive impact on the lives of others around me. I love the industry and most importantly I love seeing people grow. I have the opportunity to impact the lives of many around me on a daily basis, both customers and employees, and there is no greater experience."
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