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Premier Customer Finds a Family in Premier
Did you ever have one of those days where everything went wrong? Like your freezer goes out one week after the warranty expires and you're short on cash to have it repaired? Well long time customer, Tracey McWilliams of Elkhart, Indiana, had that day.

Tracey's freezer quit working early in June while she lost all the items from the freezer. Dan Balentine, manager in the Elkhart Premier Rental-Purchase store, sent his repairman out to take a look. When he got there a couple days later, the entire refrigerator stopped working. Tracey was very emotional knowing that she had spent $1,100 on the refrigerator and now she was informed that the warranty had just expired and would have to spend another $500 to make the repairs. Tears of uncertainty poured from Tracey as she explained to Dan she did not know how she was going to afford the repairs. Dan was determined to help his customer who has now become part of their store's family. Dan assured Tracey that he would do what he could to help and asked her to focus on a replacement refrigerator until they could get a new one.

Two days later, Dan called Tracey to inform her that he had contacted the Whirlpool representative in their area who would stop by her house to check on the refrigerator. She was upset to learn that the rep could not help. Dan then found the lack of service unacceptable and called the corporate office of Whirlpool explaining his customer's situation as well as Premier's relationship with Whirlpool. It worked! Whirlpool sent a repairman to Tracey's home to fix her refrigerator and freezer at no expense to her. "It's like brand new!" said Tracey so excited. "This would never have happen if Dan had not taken the extra steps wanting to help her.

Tracey has found a true family in Elkhart Premier and is on a first name basis with the team. The entire staff makes extra attempts to be sure she is a happy customer. Wanda Capshaw is the assistant manager in the store. She knows Tracy's style of furniture and will even call Tracey when items come in that she knows she will like. Kevin Mast who is the account manager, will stop by the house to pick up Tracey's payment when she is unable to make it to the store. Alycia Lewis, customer service representative, also portrays as the Easter Bunny, has made a fond friend in Tracey's daughter.

Tracey has found this Premier team to be exceptional in customer service. She has referred many customers to them and has done her share of business by paying off 15 items in two years. Thanks to Tracey for reaching out to Premier to share her story of this exceptional staff in Elkhart, Indiana.
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