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The Premier Companies was named the 5th fastest growing franchise in the United States by Franchise Times magazine.

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David Lane - APRO 2010 Employee of the Year

"Beyond The Job Description"

David Lane - APRO 2010 Employee of the Year

This past 4th of July in Goshen, Indiana was like most other normal family celebrations, unless you're David Lane that is! A tailgate party complete with Burgers and Hotdogs was on the agenda for David, but not just for his family, his customers! David hosting a holiday party for his Premier Rental-Purchase customers is really nothing unusual for him; he and his family have a history of giving back to his customers and the community.

When Mike Lewis (Premier Rental-Purchase owner) hired David some 5 years ago, he never dreamed he had the APRO 2010 Employee of the Year on his team! Lane will be honored at the APRO (Association of Progressive Rental Organization) convention this month in Louisville. The popular Rent to Own store prides itself on extreme customer service and with Lane's history at the store location, it is no wonder this store is one of the top stores in the nation.

Lane made headlines last year when he and the Premier employees spearheaded an initiative to open the store early and often so the locals could use the store's computers on Sunday to apply for unemployment benefits. He has donated AV equipment for high school proms, provided the local Boys and Girls club with prom dresses and suits, and even had the local dry cleaners clean and press the garments when finished.

Not enough? There's plenty to know about David Lane, just ask his customers. Lane and his employees hosted a seniors gaming night at the local county fair complete with equipment and Guitar Hero contests. Working with David in the Premier Rental-Purchase Store is a great experience. He knows the customers by name and great conversations are always in the mix. Lane's work ethics and customer service retention has proven results for the store sales as well. Well enough to be on the top sales in the country that is!

"David has the mentality that you take care of your community, it will take care of you," said his award nominator Dave Fugate. "Dave has planted a lot of great seeds that have made him successful today!"

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